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What Am I Currently Working On In 2017

I have a few ideas floating in my head. Right now I’m working on one of them, it’s called StoryCard.

I’ll be documenting my progress here as I build the application! I’ve just started it last month (July), I’ll be posting more once I gather my thoughts on how to put the information across properly… stay tuned!

P.S: I’m also thinking of moving my posts to Medium.

Okay, so what is StoryCard? To put it basically, it’s a card gifting website. You can use the editor on the site to edit your cards (add photos, words etc) and send it to someone you know. The difference between StoryCard and other card gifting providers, is that StoryCard can contain a secret message, hence the name StoryCard! Your card is supposed to tell a story.

Whether the story is in a form of a video, a picture slideshow, or even a music track, it can be attached to your card. The recipient will be able to enjoy the message using the StoryCard viewing application (iOS and Android).

I am building StoryCard during my free time. I am already using React + Redux for the front end, and I intend to use Golang + Docker for the backend. We will see how it goes.

Another idea that I am most likely to work on is HeartLand. HeartLand aims to solve the problem of living in your neighbourhood but not knowing the people around you or what are the latest happenings.

In HeartLand, each user can drop pins anywhere they like. These pins contain pictures and videos as content, and allow anyone to join into the conversation. People can search around for interesting things happening around them, and enter each pin to chat with strangers. Each pin lasts for 7 days, depending on how active it is.

I really think this is something I would use, to get to know what is going on in my neighbourhood!

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